OneTrust GRC integrated risk management

Evolving your risk and compliance programme is an ongoing initiative that spans your entire organisation and relationships. You need a solution that is simple to use and adaptable to your needs over time, without sacrificing the familiar toolset of traditional GRC solutions

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OneTrust Vendorpedia

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OneTrust Vendorpedia™ is the largest and most widely used technology platform to operationalize third-party risk, security and privacy management. More than 6,000 customers use OneTrust, including the OneTrust Vendorpedia Cyber Risk Exchange, Vendor Chasing Services™, and Assessments & Due Diligence technology, to mitigate risk and monitor the performance of vendors, suppliers, and third parties. OneTrust Vendorpedia is powered by the OneTrust Athena™ AI and robotic automation engine, and integrates seamlessly with the full OneTrust platform, including OneTrust Privacy Management Software, OneTrust PreferenceChoice™, OneTrust GRC, OneTrust Ethics, OneTrust DataGuidance™, and OneTrust DataDiscovery™. To learn more, visit or connect on LinkedIn.
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