Day Eight: October 29


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Session One

11:00am GMT
7pm SST
3pm GDT
Understanding and responding to risk in the gaming sector


Tim Tyler, FICA.  Head of Financial Crime Compliance, ICA
Tracy CauchiHead of AML, Malta Gaming Authority
Douglas Reeman – Consultant, former chair of National Casino Forum AML Group and MLRO, Caesars Casino

Session Two

11:45am GMT
7.45pm SST
3.45pm GDT
The Inside Story of Tipper X

How a former hedge fund analyst became one of the most prolific FBI informants in securities fraud history

Tom will share his self-inflicted crucible of sliding from unethical to illegal activity and the accompanying rationalizations. He will highlight deficiencies in a firm's culture and internal controls which point to heightened misconduct risk and conclude by reflecting on his past four years of engagements with over 250 organizations on current areas of financial crime and conduct risk in a financial services organization.  

Tom Hardin, Founder, Tipper X Advisors

Session Three

12:45pm GMT
8.45pm SST
4.45pm GDT
Martin Woods in Conversation with...Dr Marcus Pleyer, President, FATF

The FATF is embarking upon a new mission, with FATF Executive Secretary David Lewis boldly asserting that we must “Stop money laundering to save lives”. At the helm of this new mission is Dr. Marcus Pleyer, the first man to hold the new two-year presidency.

In conversation with Martin Woods, Dr Pleyer will share his vision, aspiration and objectives for the FATF and for AML more broadly. The discussion will cover the outcomes of this month’s FATF Plenary meetings, and his views on the digital transformation of AML, and how critical AML components must embrace new technologies and ways of thinking to deliver the changes required to generate better outcomes, moving AML beyond a simple reporting and intelligence gathering process.