Introducing OneTrust GRC Audit Management

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Bringing compliance to the forefront of your GRC practices relies heavily on your ability to execute internal audits. Measuring practices in place and making recommendations based on findings is the core driver for internal audits. Auditors face a unique challenge with the requirement to maintain an objective and independent perspective, while also needing to engage the business to collect authentic and timely evidence.

What is OneTrust Audit Management?

OneTrust GRC Audit Management is among the latest products in the OneTrust GRC platform. The Audit Management solution is designed to support the planning, execution and reporting for internal audit teams. By integrating across the traditional three lines of defence within an organisation (auditors, risk managers, and line of business operators),  OneTrust Audit Management helps streamline auditing efforts without interrupting everyday activities.

What makes OneTrust GRC’s audit solution unique?

OneTrust GRC Audit Management delivers an integrated audit solution to quickly find and collect evidence across business operations. Auditors have the autonomy to operate independently, while leveraging privileged, read-only access to monitor activity and investigate instances of risk or operations aligned with any regulation or framework.

  • Integrate evidence collection – OneTrust Athena™robotic automation builder can boost your audit investigation by connecting sources inside or outside of the OneTrust GRC solution. By integrating with the OneTrust GRC IT & Security Risk Management, or Vendor Risk Management products auditors can automatically collect and link evidence from related controls records. Alternatively, auditors can bridge the gap to first-line business users and collect evidence at the source using Athena’s prebuilt or customised connectors.
  • Put recommendations into action – Because Audit Management is directly integrated into the OneTrust GRC product suite, users can address findings and initiate recommendations to reduce risk. This can be done directly in the platform by leveraging ongoing integrations with first line tools, or with other OneTrust GRC products such as IT & Security Risk Management or Enterprise and Operational Risk Management.

It’s important that audit professionals can easily communicate their goals when reporting findings. The OneTrust platform gives you a centralised location to outline initiatives, execute tasks, collect evidence, and report findings.



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