Change and Culture Community Zone

Taking place on the Main Stage from 10:00am on 10th June 2020 and here in the Change and Culture Community Zone for further thought, discussion and contributions.

Jun 11, 2020

Your questions from Day One

Thank you to everyone who watched live and who submitted questions and feedback during Day One of the Big Compliance Festival. Although there wasn’t time to respond to all of your questions and comments within the live sessions, this Community Zone provides a space in which to continue the discussion.I’ll start the ball rolling with a question from Jamil Qureshi’s session:How do you begin making effective progressive change within an organisation if you're not part of the Board? Please feel free to share your thoughts, advice and experiences!
Jun 10, 2020

Finding purpose

All of today's speakers considered the opportunities presented by the crisis for organisations to review or reconsider their purpose. Have your organisations reviewed their purpose, and if so:In what ways?Who is driving such conversations within the organisation?What role are you playing within such discussions?
Jun 10, 2020

how are YOU making a difference?

I really enjoyed all the presentations today and felt a theme of 'making a difference' ran through all three. I was wondering if anyone else is able to share a story (similar to Paul perhaps) in terms of how they have adapted within their own business. Paul highlighted being visible and collaborative. Does anyone else have examples they could share with the compliance community? Thanks!

About this community zone

Welcome to the Community Zone for Change and Culture. Appearing on the Main Stage on 10th June we have:

10:00am Maximising potential in a time of change with Jamil Qureshi, a leading Performance Coach, Author and Psychologist

10:45am – The evolving nature of culture, with David Blunt from FCA

11:30am – Building and sustaining an effective compliance culture at this time, with Paul Asare-Archer of O2