Fraud Community Zone

Taking place on the Main Stage from 11:00am on 29th October 2020 and here in the Fraud Community Zone for further thought, discussion and contributions.

About this community zone

Welcome to the Community Zone for Fraud. Appearing on the Main Stage on 29th October we have:

11:00am – Understanding and responding to risk in the gaming sector, with; Tim Tyler, FICA.  Head of Financial Crime Compliance, ICA, Tracy Cauchi – Head of AMLMalta Gaming Authority, Douglas Reeman – Consultant, former chair of National Casino Forum AML Group and MLROCaesars Casino

11:45am – The Inside Story of Tipper X, with Tom Hardin, Founder, Tipper X Advisors

12:30am – Martin Woods in conversation with...with Martin Woods, Financial Crime Consultant and Advisor.