Leadership Community Zone

Taking place on the Main Stage from 11:00am on 16th September 2020 and here in the Community Zone for Leadership for further thought, discussion and contributions.

Jul 02, 2020

Penny Mallory Roundtables

For those interested in hearing more from Penny Mallory, on how to build your capabilities as a leader in these challenging times, see our series of virtual roundtables: https://conferences.int-comp.org/posts/hosted-roundtable-sessions-with-penny-mallory?room_id=1064-leadership-community-zone
Jul 02, 2020

How do we influence change?

A fascinating presentation from Donald McPherson on emotional intelligence at board and senior management level.One question raised was: "I never realised till now that my company's board has no BAME representation. How do we influence change?"I would be interested if any delegates have experience of successfully influencing change in this area (or other areas), that they would like to share 

About this community zone

Welcome to the Community Zone for Leadership. Appearing on the Main Stage on 16th September we have:

11:00am – Group vs Team, with Jamil Quereshi, Performance Coach, Author & Psychologist.

11:45am – Leadership and Competence, Amalia Chilianis, Consultant, Coach, Speak & Trainer.

12:45pm – The Psychology of Compliance, why people need to be compliant, with Simon Hurry, Managing Founder & Strategist, PlayNicely