Cyber Risk Community Zone

Taking place on the Main Stage from 11:00am on 17th September 2020 and here in the Cyber Risk Community Zone for further thought, discussion and contributions.

Sep 17, 2020

Cyber risk: A technology problem… or a people problem?

Plenty of food for thought within this morning's panel session. Please get involved and discuss the following:- How do I avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam?- what checks would you advise to do to ensure working from home/remotely is safe at all times?- Should a company increase its training around phishing due to working from home becoming the new normal?- Do you think bigger companies are more susceptible compared to smaller companies or the other way round?- What are your views on the risks and vulnerabilities around remote team meetings software platforms?- what steps do you suggest a company should follow to identify Cyber Security risks?- Many say cloud is more secure than internal server domains.. you seem to disagree?
Sep 17, 2020

Paul Dwyer's presentation

Unfortunately we didn't have time to answer all of the questions raised in Paul's presentation. But don't let that stop you discussing them further here:- What are the new trends in research on cyber crime?- with tech changing so often should organisations have specific cyber risk trained professionals/teams or should it be part of all employee knowledge?- In your experience, do institutions actually share intelligence on cyber crime/hacking attempts with other companies? - Is the risk of cyber criminal attacks on big data database systems containing personal data of social media portal users growing ?- How do we protect sensitive information handled and stored by third-party vendors? - How do we manage the cyber risk of increased targeting of home working?Please feel free to discuss these, and any other questions you might have, here in the Community Zone

About this community zone

Welcome to the Community Zone for Cyber Risk. Appearing on the Main Stage on 17th September we have:

11:00am – Cyber Heist Uncovered - $45m stolen - no guns, no ski masks,  just an Internet connection and a piece of plastic, with Paul C Dwyer, President, International Cyber Threat Task Force

11:45am – Cyber risk: A technology problem… or a people problem? with Jonathan Bowdler, Head of Regulatory Compliance, International Compliance Association, Jon Stoddard, Information Security & Threat Intelligence Leader, Lloyds Banking Group and
Guy Sheppard, Head of Asia-Pacific Financial Crime, Intelligence and Cyber, SWIFT

12:45pm – Shifting cybersecurity from a compliance to a risk focus, with Greg Slayton, CISSP, Client Partner, Galvanize and Nick FrostCo-founder, Cyber Risk Management Group