The Infinite Possibilities of RegTech


The Infinite Possibilities of RegTech

13:45 - 14:45 | Wednesday 16 October
Room 4

The Infinite Possibilites of RegTech

Most industry stakeholders are well-versed on the importance and benefits of RegTech but how many of us actually understand the varied possibilities that the industry has to offer? In this breakout session, Chye Kit will be sharing about the different horizons to explore the possibilities of RegTech amongst different jurisdictions, industry sectors and regions.

1st horizon: Exploring infinite RegTech possibilities with the different jurisdictions. This could come in the form of fulfilling jurisdiction’s guidelines by having an automated and seamless KYC/AML/CTF compliance process.

2nd horizon: Viewing various RegTech possibilities across different industry sectors especially applicability outside of financial services sector.

3rd horizon: Exploration of RegTech in terms of regional and global partnerships. As the Chair of the Singapore FinTech Association RegTech Sub-Committee, Chye Kit will also share his valuable experiences and insights in respect of collaborations across associations in different jurisdictions.

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