Danny Ker

Industry expert

Danny Ker

Danny Ker

TÜV SÜD PSB Vice President, Quality Management

Dr. Danny Ker is a Vice President, Quality Management with TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd, he specialises in Business Excellence Management and Compliance & Risk Management and has a total of over 28 years of experience in various aspects of business excellence management, this includes receiving a total of 65 certificates in his career development.

Currently, he holds a doctorate degree from the University of South Australia, and two Master of Science degrees in Knowledge Management from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and in Total Quality Management/Business Excellence from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. He also holds a Bachelor of Business degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, and a Certified Quality Manager by the Singapore Quality Institute, and a qualified Tony Buzan's Licensed Instructor. Recently, he was awarded the Best Student Award for his second Diploma on Industrie 4.0 - Specialist Diploma in Advanced Digital Manufacturing with TUM Asia University, Singapore.

In his profession, Danny has implemented consultancy, assessments and training programs for large & small businesses and industries, in different government agencies & private enterprises. He started as a Production Planner with Olivetti Singapore for 6 years and was attached to Olivetti’s Headquarter in Ivrea, Italy for training & project assignments. He joined Sony Precision Engineering Center, Singapore as a Manager for its Device Technology & Value Analysis Center (DTVA) in Singapore and was sent to Tokyo, Japan on quality & productivity development programs. He is a Certified Quality Trainer by Sony Corporation, Japan and a Certified Professional Trainer by the International Professional Managers Association, United Kingdom. He received a total of 6 promotions during his tenure with the companies.

As a Vice President, Quality Management, he has trained more than 8,500 professionals in various programs such as business improvements, compliance & risk management, corporate teambuilding, creativity & innovation, productivity improvements management, quality & safety assurance, problem-solving & decision making techniques & tools…etc and has worked with various large well known enterprises such as American Insurance Assurance (AIA), Great Eastern Assurance Singapore, John Hancock Life Insurance, VISA International (VISA Cards),VDL Enabling Technologies Group, Singapore Airlines Terminals Services (SATS), Housing Development Board (HDB), Public Utilities Board (PUB), National Parks Board, Dunlop Singapore, Mobil Oils Singapore, Philips Electronics Technologies Singapore, Kenwood Electronics Malaysia, …etc

Danny received the prestigious Parent Support Group award in 2003 by the Ministry of Education for assisting GongShang Primary School to be the first primary school in Singapore in achieving certifications and awards & was featured in Ministry of Education’s COMPASS magazine for contribution to schools on “World Class Education” and currently an Advisor to several schools in their service excellence programs.


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