Sandra Horma

Industry expert

Sandra Horma

Sandra Horma

Transferwise Fraud and Chargebank Operations Senior Lead

Sandra Horma is the Fraud and Chargeback Operations Senior Lead at TransferWise. She has been working in the world of fintech since 2014 and has been on board with TransferWise since 2015, where she has led different teams, including the Enhanced Due Diligence team in Compliance, and now is leading the teams dedicated to mitigating the financial crime and loss risk operations as a senior lead on the global scope.

Financial crime and loss prevention teams in TransferWise are concentrated in both prevention as well as detection of various kinds of risks, including legal, compliance, operational and financial ones, which are mitigated through risk calculation and assessment, whilst also incorporating machine learning.


11:15 - 12:45 | Wednesday 16 October
Room 1

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