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Since 2008 Diligencia has been providing our clients with legal entity data and consulting services based exclusively on primary sources in the Middle East and Africa. What started as one man’s vision to provide reliable information that would allow companies and economies in the region to grow, has become a team of more than 70 multi-lingual analysts across three offices on different continents. Using a combination of advanced technology and human insight, we are committed to finding and curating accurate information from authentic sources, which then forms the basis of our clients’ sound decision making and commercial success. Our proprietary database is the product of years of experience and research, and continues to evolve thanks to our in-house data engineering and analyst activities, enabling us to provide clear insight into the relationships that underpin business activity across the region. In 2016 we launched ClarifiedBy.com as a research tool for our clients and a gateway to Diligencia’s broad range of services. Providing instant online access to curated profiles on both organisations and individuals, the platform allows users to identify beneficial ownership, corporate structures and wider relationships – information often simply not available in the public domain. With clients ranging from financial institutions, governments, law firms, risk advisory organisations and multinational corporates, we offer support in four main areas: Regulatory compliance, Third-party risk, Business intelligence, Market insight. Headquartered in Oxford, Diligencia also has regional offices in Tangier, Morocco and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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