Ansie Delport

Head of ABC Compliance Operations, Rolls Royce

About Ansie Delport

Ansie Delport is a chartered accountant who ventured into the compliance world four years ago when she joined Rolls-Royce plc as the Head of ABC Compliance Operations. She previously spent 14 years as a forensic accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, specialising in investigations and advising clients on fraud and anti-bribery and corruption risks, policies and procedures. Ansie describes herself as being hands-on and practical, which is what attracted her to the current role. At Rolls-Royce, Ansie is responsible for managing third-party bribery and corruption risk. In the last year, she has been focusing on a redesign of the Global Know Your Partner policy and procedures, and training and monitoring with an emphasis on simplification, improvement and automation.

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