Simon Hurry

Founder & Director, PlayNicely Consulting
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About Simon Hurry

I am a Champion for everything that is great about humanity. I simply desire to see the unique potential of each person fulfilled. I believe the world will be a better place if people can discover how they can translate their unique talent into something economically viable and remarkable. I am a scientist, researcher, teacher, advisor and catalyst, drawn to understanding the finer nuances of human behaviour, sociology and the factors that drive individual and collective success. I want to show people how to be confident and capable; how to make a significant, constructive difference in their respective worlds. To achieve this, I am continuously developing critical insight, models and methods that really do work in the tough, demanding world in which we live. I am a pragmatist and relentless about functionality and applicability. You can be assured that everything I create is innovative, cutting edge and ridiculously useful.

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